Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The repentant squid

Almost all of us- Aida and I are not in frame

UIKS!! RM 64 for fried squid?!?! Seriously?!?
That was our reaction when we went to pay our lunch bill today. Lunch was at INSAF Restaurant @ Jalan TAR today (upon request from our special guests Fizah and her hubby Zul).

I used to love going to INSAF @ Jalan TAR when I was much younger (teens), because the Briyani Ayam Goreng was really good and the Mango Juice was amazing. So I was looking forward to this little nostalgic culinary escapade.

We parked at Sogo and walked to INSAF. For the first time, the place wasn't jammed packed with people (but then again I haven't been there for years). Zul and Fizah were already waiting for us.

We ordered Bryani
  • Ayam Masala (Zul)
  • Ikan Masala (Fizah)
  • Ayam Kurma (Aida & Zil)
  • Ayam goreng (ME & Hidayah - must be the same name thing)
  • Kambing (Shar)
Zil and Fizah also ordered fried squid as extra side dishes. Almost everybody ordered mango juice. And we requested some iced water as well.

Then, everything went south.

The mango juice was so disappointing. Even before tasting it, I could tell by the colour that they had used old, bruised mangos. It tasted bad too. The orange juice wasn't any better. Plus, they did not have the normal iced water, instead we had to buy mineral water and ice instead.

Happy because they hadn't tasted the drinks yet (note the colour of the mango juice on the right)

The briyanis were as I remembered them. Ayam goreng is still my favourite one. Although I only managed to pau Shar's lamb this time. At first we were really excited to see the huge portions of fried squid that they served. Since we only ordered 2 portions, the two large plates seemed to be really generous helpings.

See! Alot of fried squid (there was another similar sized helping), we didn't suspect anything.

That was BEFORE we saw the bill. For some reason, they had served us 8 portions (RM 8 a squid!). Almost stupefied, we payed the bill and made our way back. I guess no-one was in the mood to haggle (although, I doubt that the mistake was made accidentally, I think they purposely misled us by serving 8 portions on 2 plates and counted on us not to protest later).

The proof! On the resit, next to the squid section is the number 2 not 8

All in all, the food was average, the drinks were atrocious and the squid fiasco .. totally UNACCEPTABLE. Insaf.. insaf.. probably won't go back anytime soon.


Zakiah Ponrahono said...

taubat nasoha korang kan???? hahahaha

Hidayah Ismawi said...

tobat pak..tobat.. tak order lagi .. nak makan sotong.. goreng sendiri

Syigim said...

haha. my mom-in-law pun kena 'pau' jgk kat situ n said d same thing - "insafff....insaff nk makan kat insaf" hihi

nways, u uia ye? me too! maybe lain campus coz u medicine kan? masa zaman blaja kat uia mmg slalu jgk makan insaf kalo jln2 kat jln tar. but instead of mango, my fav is sirap!! hihi lamaa gileeeee xmakan!

fiziskandarz said...

i never been to insaf before, but thank you for insafing us in advance before terjebak hoho! sorry to hear about ur 64 bucks squid [ mak aih buleh makan mcdee for the whole family! ]..
CEd, recent book shopping eh. fizee-san love books too, but i just wonder where on earth do u keep those after reading? [ or do u also have a mini cemetery of forgotten books? ] :P

S.u.F.e.E said...


tak sesia aku bersangka buruk dengan restaurant tuuu..
gila la, mau kenyang 6 hari makan sotong tu, mahal tuu

CikLilyPutih said...

insaf tu memang mahal lah! dah penah terkena dulu time bbuka puasa!

Hidayah Ismawi said...

Syigim: hehe..kesian kan kami? yup, I did go to UIA Kuantan..didn't notice u were an IIUM alum too..will definitely be dropping by ur blog often to get some tips ;)

Allergyc: ahaha.. glad to be of service.. I keep all my books in my bro's old room, but am running out of space! Should definitely be putting my dreams of running a secondhand bookstore into effect soon ..(like I have the time)

CikLily Putih: Time berbuka mesti lagi parah.. makan sure tak ingat nyer.. mesti terkejut dpt bill kan?

lina said...

Salam kenal Hidayah, my hubby and me already INSAF go to this restaurant any more....good review..

Hidayah Ismawi said...

sufee: (sorry beb, 1st time tak terbaca lak)..kalau kenyang 6 hari takpe gak.. ni petang pun dah lapar ..uhuhu

lina: salam.. thanks .. nice of u to drop by..hehe.. jgn segan22 dtg lagi ..;)


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