Sunday, May 9, 2010

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's SUPERMOM!

Loves of my life- Can't seem to find a more recent pic where I managed to get all 3 of them in one frame ..hehe

Before I became a mother myself, I probably did not fully comprehend the super-human skills required. Most mothers are actually a cocktail of all the heroes we know and love. Don't believe me? Read on. Mother's are:

Potrait of me by my 4 year old (Yousof)- I think I look better in the drawing

Wolverine (X-Men): Fiercely protective and have the uncanny ability to always heal. How else do they keep on loving us regardless of how many times we break their hearts?

The Incredible Hulk: Must be able to convincingly get angry when your kids step out of line. Green colour is optional (I tend to go all red.. hehe).

The Flash: Speeding here and there to meet the needs of your child. Also a definite requirement to be able to catch falling babies and toddlers (don't tell me it's just my children who love to fall from heights).

Batman: Caped crusader by night. All mother's must have the ability to stay up all night with a teething baby or a feverish toddler. The abilty to sleep while standing without dropping said baby is also a big bonus. Must also be able to function at the office the next day.

Superman: Mild-mannered person most of the time but when the need arises, able to move mountains to do what needs to be done. Juggling family and a career, even superman pales in comparison.

Yup, one day a year is definitely not enough to show our appreciation to the person who's contributions to our lives we can never hope to repay, but it's a start.

MY mak (and abah in the background)- she's beautiful right?

For all the things you have given me
Each burden you've carried silently
For all the sacrifices you've had to make
All you've done was for our sake

I know I can never repay you
Or even hope to come any where near
But the only way I know how to
Is by telling you here

I pray that one day I can be
As good a mother as you have been to me
That you may forgive me for all I've done wrong
And love me like you have all along

A mother's love knows no end
It stretches far and near
And so today I sincerely send
All my love to my mother dear


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Syigim said...

excellent post, hidayah! ;) i pandai2 je call myself supermom psl i suka superman, but actually we mom are REALLY SUPER! best you buat comparison ngan other superheroes :)


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