Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mission (ALMOST) impossibe

The older generation thought nothing of getting up at five every morning - and the younger generation doesn't think much of it either.
~John J. Welsh

Yup, getting up at 5 in the morning everyday isn't really a lifestyle choice for me, it's a necessity. It gives me an extra hour to

  • wash all the dishes (am usually too exhausted to do them the night before)
  • hang two loads of laundry (for some reason 2 loads a day and we still have mountains of the stuff over the weekend)
  • pack all the kids bags (clothes and diapers mostly, they don't have schoolbooks yet except Yousof's Iqra')
  • clean the house as best I can
  • get myself 3/4 ready (shower, change, solat etc)
Then.. it's time to do the impossible. Wake, bathe dress and feed 3 kids before 7.15 am.

Firstly my eldest, Yousof.


Weakness: TICKLING. He will wake up if tickled on the belly and armpits. A very good idea because he always wakes up laughing.

Very sensitive- beware

Important points: He is very fussy and needs everything to be in order. All uniform must be on the hanger, including his underwear ..hehe. Breakfast today was a toasted peanut-butter sandwich cut u into 4 equal size squares.

All ready for kindergarten

Secondly, my princess Aishah.

Sleeping beauty? Hehe

Still on snooze mode

Happier! (Diaper only for the ride, currently potty-training)

Secret: Actually wearing Abg Yousof's hand-me-downs

WARNING! Do not tickle. This will result in disaster and a very crabby little princess. Weakness: Talk about something interesting she will do that day. Example, "Aishah, bangun. Aishah ada splash day yer hari ni?" Doingg! She will spring right up.

Lastly my little trooper Hamzah.

Actually was sleeping on his side- he turned when I called him

Easiest of the bunch. All I have to do is call his name and he will wake up with a smile and hand me his milk bottle. Aren't I truly lucky?

He loves taking showers!

Must remember: Close all doors and push in all chairs, he will climb into anything and everything in a flash.


When EVERYBODY is ready and fed, it's my turn. Good thing I have perfected the art of getting ready in 5 minutes flat. My secret? No make-up and no fuss.

Presentable? (Yousof took the picture)


Never work before breakfast; if you have to work before breakfast, eat your breakfast first.
~Josh Billings


Syigim said...

i love this post!!! lawak! n soooo cute. i love the way you describe your kiddos do's n don'ts one by one. i bole bayangkan lah...wow, ur a supermom lah!

maybe this will be my guide when i have to wake 3 kids up for skool and stuff. currently my eldest boy baruuuu je nk start skool this sept. however, now i STILL have to wake up by 5 psl si baby kazim tu my alarmclock ;)

Asmahani.A @ AA said...

hahaha... cutenya budak-budak ni.. mission impossible pun sempat ambik chronological photos tu.. kekeke... erm, my boys now suka nangis lah bila bangun tido.. belum apa-apa nangis dulu .. pening juga pagi2..

smallkucing said...

cute kids...but i seldom eat breakfast..

Hidayah Ismawi said...

Syigim: Supermom?? Hehe.. I gues we all are..hehe.. yup..kids are like that.. I have to FORCE them to sleep at night and yet they are up like clockwork bright and early

Kak Asmahani:Yup, Yousof and Aishah are like that too (only on school days, though..hehe)..a bit more effort required..

smallkucing: ahaha.. I seldom have breakfast at home.. always in the car or in front of my laptop...


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