Tuesday, March 9, 2010

It has begun..

I am supposed to be diligently hacking away at my thesis right now ..but as always.. my 4 minute Goldfish-like attention span just refuses to co-operate.. and so once again I have ventured into the ever tempting realm of talking to myself (otherwise known as blogging).

Actually thought I retired from this last year, but it seems that the magnetic pull of writing my random thoughts so that friends and total strangers may stop by and read (probably sadly shaking their heads in dismay) was too much for me to resist any longer.

And so on this gloomy overcast day, as I sit alone in my post-graduate room, I have set up a new blog account. I abandoned the old one because of prIvacy issues. Hopefully this one will fare better.

Hmm.. I wonder how many people will actually want to read this.. (I can think of at least 3 people..hehe). No worries. Not in it for the fame or glory anyway..like I said .. blogging just makes talking to yourself seem less crazy ;)


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