Wednesday, May 19, 2010

This way to the chocolate factory..

I declare today FREE CHOCOLATE day! Muahahaha...

The UKM wondergirls were pleasantly surprised by a BIG bar of chocolate from our friend Shazlan. Actually we had practically blackmailed him to get us something from his trip to ..emm..we're not actually sure where he went..Sabah? Labuan? Because he made the fatal mistake of mentioning it on his FB status (or was the mistake in adding us all as his friends..hehe), so of course, we were "forced" to request some souvenirs.

Shazlan is the guy NOT wearing wedding attire ..hehe
~pic borrowed from his FB~

Probaby next time, we will also buy Shazlan a plane ticket to our Bilik Pascasiswazah, since, in all his eagerness to leave us the present, ended up leaving it outside somebody else's door. However, since we already knew it was meant for us.. we just quietly went and snatched it back! Hopefully, nobody saw, hehe.

It was a large bar of Cadbury's OLD GOLD Dark Chocolate with Raspberry. Seems he bought in Labuan (the price sticker was a dead giveaway..hehe).

Presenting the resident chocolate model Zil (with her new haircut)

The taste was quite bitter (as dark chocolates are meant to be) which accentuated the raspberry tang. I've never been a big fan of dark chocolate (prefer the milk chocolate) but I have to admit it was good. Maybe FREE chocolate tastes better. :)

Anyway, since it is FREE CHOCOLATE day, lets see what everybody's favourite chocolates are;

Sharlina likes Cadbury dairy milk- yummmy... I like them when they're a bit soft

Zil likes kinder bueno- yummy, I've recently begun to like them too since my kids became addicted to them
Aida likes Crunchie- a bit to sweet for me, I prefer Milky Way

I love these, love love love
~pics googled~

Actually, although I love Ferrero Roches, I also love Kit Kats and Cadbury especially Hazelnut and Hazelnut Praline. I don't categorize myself as a chocoholic but a little bit of chocolate can always cheer me up. :)

"Forget LOVE... I'd rather fall in chocolate"- Anonymous


lina said...

Masya Allah, can i hv some pls.... :)

Hidayah Ismawi said...

kalau u dtg UKM KL ni sure boleh kasi.. a BIG bar of chocolate in a room full of girls.. semua makan berjimat..hehe.. takleh makan bnyk2 sekali.. takuta ada yg naik dua kilo ni kang

Adik Shazlan said...

wawawa...tu gambar saya tu..haha. siap cik jil posing dgn dark chocolate rasberry lagi..hehe. mcm iklan je. i went to Sabah, WP Labuan & Brunei actually. So, moral of the story for today - the dark chocolate + rasberry has high antioxidant properties by alleviating the R.O.S production due to oxidative stress(Shazlan Noor, 2010) :P :P

Hidayah Ismawi said...

ahaha...siap ada adik shazlan tu..takpe2 bila ada paper dah publish ..boleh letak gambar zil tu kat sebelah graph result nyer..ahaha


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