Saturday, May 22, 2010

S.O.S ..someone help me!

I can't draw to save myself. If someone put a gun to my head and said "Draw!" I might as well pull the trigger myself. Surprising since I'm the only daughter of a world class landscape architect who can sketch anything practically in his sleep. I guess the apple chose to jump two meters away from the tree (or the gravy fell out of the plate and nowhere near the rice?).

Nowadays, it's not even just pencils and paints anymore. People are doing incredible things with their PCs and laptops. Not surprisingly my lack of artistic talents encompasses this too. I mean I can do some basic Photoshop but that's about it.

That is why artistic people impress me. I appreciate their talent and their gift. Like for instance, this guy I came across while blog-jogging (real jogging, not yet..hehe) named Mohd Haikal from Putrajaya. He probably knows there are people like me who know squat about web designing so he's offering to design a FREE banner for us.

See.. cool right?

But there's a catch (terms and conditions apply ..ahah). I have to

  • paste his banner on my blog (Done!)
  • write a post about his banner (Tadaa!)
  • and convince 2 of my friends to paste his banner on their blogs (this is me in 'trying to convince mode)
  • and for them to repeat the above steps if they want a free banner too!
  • Once I have successfully completed my mission, I have to leave a comment at his blog with my link and 2 of my friends' link. Then... poof! A new FREE banner :)
If I fail in this quest and still want a banner, I will have to (horror!) fork out RM 25 of my hard earned cash. So, to all my blogging buddies. HELP! Especially those of you with blogshops, I'm sure a cool banner would do wonders for your business, or if you are a newbie like me and want to spice up your blog. Whoever is interested (even if this is the first time you accidentally stumbled into my blog), do leave feedback in the comment section with your link. The fate of this banner lies in your hands!


Mohd Haikal said...

this is the best entry i ever seen!
tq sooo much for appreciating!

akuvision said...

ermm...bagus jugak ni

Hidayah Ismawi said...

Mohd Haikal: Thanks :) Like I said.. I appreciate talent. Btw, good enough for a free banner without the terms and conditions? ahaha

Akuvision: Bagus..mmg bagus.. jomlah


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