Friday, March 19, 2010

Your Tom Yam is my Tom Yam..

Why is it that other people's food always seem to be more appetizing than mine? Whenever eating out with friends or family, I always find it hard to resist the urge to 'pau' or sample other people's dishes.

The main problem with me is that I lack a sense of adventure. When it comes to food, I can be a little bit picky, and tend to stick to safer choices or dishes that I have tasted before. Plus, it seems that each time I do venture out of my cacoon, and tak e a risk by ordering oyt of my confort zone, I will be left disappointed and hungry.

I am so lucky to have friends that don't mind my quirky eating habits and in fact embrace it wholeheartedly. We always try to vary our order and everyone gets to taste a little of this and a little of that. Makes lunch so much more fun. :)

Some people are so touchy about sharing food. One of my best experiences (food-wise) was during one Ramadhan where each iftar my friends and I would eat out of a single tray every day. Just simple food, we bought at the canteen (everyone bought seperately but we just dumped it all into one tray), but eating it together with all the different flavours mixing.. just made everything taste nicer. To the point that, when my parents came and took me for a Ramadhan buffet at the Hyatt, all that expensive food seemed bland in comparison. (But I still ate alot ..hehe..buffet ma)..

So beware.. a word to the wise.. if you wanna eat with me.. be prepared to share..muahahaha..


fiziskandarz said...

my very 1st comment! aside from the sharing part, i do miss [ terribly ] the tomyam huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

Hidayah Ismawi said...

ahaha... mintak lah fizee masakkan.. korang kan terrer memasak ...:)

lina said...

hidayah... i also picky eater. Don't mind share food hehehe.


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