Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I'm just a girl

My girly girl

I'm not a girly girl, well most of the time anyway. Until maybe the age of 16, the only 'baju kurung' I owned were specifically for "Hari Raya" only.

Growing up, I was a tomboy (although some people might disagree with this statement). I climbed trees and walls, must have scraped my knees a million times (I have the faint scars to prove it). In primary school, ALL the neighbourhood kids my age were BOYS so my after-school activities were football, 'bola beracun' and 'baling selipar.' Everybody loved having me on their team for football because since we didn't play the offside rule, all I had to do was run around in the penalty box and always be the scorer. GOAL! But playing 'bola beracun' and 'baling selipar' with boys had one MAJOR disadvantage, I often came home with the tennis ball and selipar imprints on my back (the boys didn't hold back on hitting me with the projectiles just because I was a girl).

The strange thing is , despite not particularly diving into my feminine side I guess some things are just a matter of fact. I love the idea of getting girly gifts like flowers, jewellery and perfume (*HINT*HINT*). I don't wear make-up, high heeled shoes or designer clothes, I still have a reserved fascination for them. Can't be helped.

Hmmm.. on second thoughts .. maybe I am a girly girl after all..

Lovely gifts


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