Thursday, March 18, 2010


Yesterday at lunch (KFC The Mall), we saw Marlia Musa. When the girls pointed her out, at first I was like.."WHO?" But when they said "Wife M Nasir lah" .. I was like "Oooo".

I guess I don't get starstruck that easily (maybe because I haven't met anybody unbelievably famous yet). Only 2 incidents come to mind.

Once was also in The Mall (alot of local celebs probably hang out there...hehe), I was having lunch, and my roomie was poking me .. to look at the woman sitting at the table next to us. As it turned out, this one, I recognized right away. It was Fauziah Dato' Hj Ahmad Daud a.k.a Ogy. My friend really wanted to take a picture with her but she was too shy to ask, so since I didn't have the same problem, I grabbed her by the elbow and dragged her to the table. " Assalamualaikum. Sorry kacau, kawan saya nak bergambar dengan akak boleh?" Ogy was really very nice and sweet and funny, making witty references to her movies.

The second incident was in KLIA. It was like 5 am, and I was half asleep standing on the conveyer thingy (I have no idea what it's called.. like a horizontal escalator for people like me who find any excuse not to burn up energy doing something as tiring as walking..hehe), when I noticed the whole under 13 Sarawak football team waving to me from the departure hall. Strange.. my sleepy head thought. I looked in front of me and saw that less that 1/2 meter in front of me was Adam AF3. Ok, not so strange. Hehe.

I'm not sure if there are any local celebrities that I would go gaga over.. but I guess I still enjoy spotting them. Although I really think that the word celebrity and artist is overused nowadays. Most of them just have their 5 minutes of fame and then suddenly think that everyone cares about their personal life.. borrow a much used phrase "Ada aku kisah?" ;)


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