Thursday, March 11, 2010

When it counts

Notice how disasters always seem to happen at times when we are most uprepared for them? Typhoons, tsunamis, earthquakes ...and a Hand Foot and Mouth Disease outbreak at the kids daycare ..uhuhu..

Just when I was getting into my groove (so to speak), comes the dreaded phonecall. I'm always apprehensive about picking up my phone when that particular phone number pops up on my caller ID. It's usually bad news (except the time that they called to say that Yousof had to go to RTM to shoot a TV show with his new best friend Rosmah ..oops..Datin Sri he keeps reminding me).

And so I am juggling.. with more skill than a circus clown I must add. Will spend the morning at the campus, while my kids are probably systematically re-arranging my mother's filing system (she bravely offered to watch them at her office) and will rush back and stay with them for the rest of the day.

Tomorrow, my wonderful father, who has minimal experience being alone with the kids.. has UNBELIEVABLY (with no thought to his own safety or sanity) offered to watch them the whole day. I hope

a. The house is still standing
b. My dad is still standing (I kind of expect him to by lying on the couch with a towel over his head)

when I get back.

Plus hopefully no diapers will need to be changed the whole day (is this even possible?) because the one and only time my father "successfully" managed this feat alone, I found my youngest child wrapped in a backward facing diaper (maybe it's a trend.. like the baseball cap).

The only thing I can say is.. in times of crisis .. my PARENTS have always been there for me. We may not be an expressive family, we may forget birthdays and shy away from public displays of affection but ... when I need help.. I know they've got my back.


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