Monday, March 29, 2010

Parting is such sweet sorrow

Bye bye my precious.. don't miss me too much... uhuhuhu..

Last week I had to part with my dearest laptop. For some reason it developed some lines on the screen and being the computer illiterate that I am, I ignored it. Unfortunately, the lines began to get wider and wider (or was it just my paranoia?). After a brief consultation with my personal computer tech support (a title I'm sure my friend did not sign up for), I decided to send it in for repair. Thankfully, I had less than a month of the 1 year warranty left (great timing huh?).

The service center operator told me that it would take up to a week before I could be re-united with my dearest laptop. Horror of horrors! How was I supposed to survive that long without Facebook, blogging and of course hacking away at my thesis. Sony didn't provide a replacement model either (common practice in the UK - even if you send in your hand phone for service they will lend you one to use while yours is being repaired).

Thankfully, one of my best friends just happened to have an old laptop lying around (what are the odds?). Life saver. So, although I still miss my own laptop, I am happy to say that I will not be experiencing any internet deprivation withdrawal symptoms. Phew!


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