Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A feeling I couldn't shake

It was strange, going back to Kuantan. I always get this strange feeling in the pit of my stomach. It's surreal to see familiar places but interwoven with so many new buildings. I guess there were 2 things I was looking forward to the most in going back, firstly seeing all my friends (seems like forever since the last time I saw them) and secondly, the hotel buffet breakfast..hehe

Anyway, as usual the first thing people said to me was.."wah! Hidayah dah tembam sekarang" uhuhu...

Followed closely by "aktif ye ber-facebook?" .. sorry folks, like it or not, my current study situation requires me to sit in front of my laptop quite a few hours each day. Facebook basically keeps me from falling asleep on the keyboard.

The wedding reception was beautiful, although it was a little bit difficult to sit through a whole 8 course Chinese dinner with three sleepy kids. But I was lucky that my kids were well behaved (mostly). Although we must be the only people that were cracking the hard boiled egg before we even left the ballroom.

Managing 3 kids in a hotel coffee house during a buffet breakfast is no easy task. Hamzah (my youngest) decided to decorate the floor with a bowlful of honey stars, I sincerely apologize to all hotel staff for the mess. The 2 older kids couldn't sit still through breakfast because they were too excited about the promised swimming session in the hotel pool. So our breakfast turned into a ruckus. Giving up any attempt to have a decent and peaceful breakfast, we just scooted out of there as fast as we could.

It is amazing how kids can find joy in the simplest of things. Like knee-deep water. They had a great time splashing about and just being kids.

Congratulations to Hasmein & Rustam .. I wish you a life full of joy and love...and thank you for giving me an excuse to take the kids out for a well deserved break. They deserved it... :)


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