Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ode to a friend

Aida and I (am getting ready to sumo wrestle the flowers away from her)

Yesterday, we all decided to throw an impromptu 'birthday party' for Aida. A very simple affair since everybody's schedule was so packed. And so, on the event of her birthday; I have decided to scribble down a few things about my dear friend.

Top 5 things I like about Miss Aida Azlina Ali:

1. She always knows the answer to any lab or research related question. Hehe.. so if I want to calculate something, or convert something or basically do anything that I am SUPPOSED to know but DON'T ..all I have to do is say "Aida.. hehehe..minta tolong.."

2. I don't have to buy a GPS navigation system. She knows how to get from ANYWHERE in KL to WHEREVER I need to be. So anytime I'm lost, all I have to do is call her on my handphone. Now all we have to do is convince her to drive...hehe.

3. Whenever I'm bored or feel the need to get hooked on something new, Aida is also the authority on free downloads. Can't wait to actually have time to watch some cool series.

4. She's my health guru. All tips on diet and exercise, mostly I get from her (it's just that I don't really stick to them).

5. Aida also keeps all of us in check. She doesn't put up with our nonsense. And we do get up to alot of nonsense ..hehe..

So to Aida.. happy belated birthday. May Allah ease your transition from student to PhD holder, and may all your dreams come true.


aidalina said...

hehehheee.....TQ...TQ....dh rase mcm kaunter pertanyaan plak....tp takpe....I'm happy to help u for direction....as long as in KL area....kalu area Kuantan sorry ye Dr....sy tau pg teluk cempedak je....please pray for me....so that I've a gut to drive my sweet little savvy before I submit my thesis.....=p

Hidayah Ismawi said...

ahaha... yup yup sure boleh nyer.. camni camni .. buat lebih memberi semangat .. bayangkan dpt mendrive diri sendiri ke convo ..fuiyooo


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