Monday, March 22, 2010


Sometimes I really hate YM .. with a passion. I don't YM many people in fact, probably only 3 seriously. The biggest problem is that , we can never be sure that what we type is read with the intended nuance. I always read my words in my head a certain way, and then am surprised at the response that it elicits. Whoa, where did that come from?

I have ran the whole YM marathon, 7 hours straight chatting. In fact I once stayed up all night chatting and got admitted to hospital the next day with a blood pressure so high I could have suffered a haemorrhagic stroke (not that the YMing was the cause ..but I kinda overlooked alot of things, attributed symptoms to simple sleep deprivation, when it was actually something else). I guess sometimes, with some people YM is the ONLY form of communication left. It's hard to explain. The circumstances may be different for each person, but I'm sure quite a few people are nodding their heads right now.

Yeah, YMing has it's downsides.. but on the plus side, I owe it an unbelievable debt of gratitude too..because sometimes, a few typed lines in that little box can completely make my day.


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