Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Break a leg

Definitely my genes. Aishah performed her first public appearance yesterday at her daycare centre in front of parents, teachers and even politicians (not that any of that mattered to her). She was the smallest one there being 1 of only 2 from her class of 2-3 year olds to perform with the bigger 4 year old kids.

She looked so sweet and cute with her chicken hat and pink grass skirt. Although she danced a very subdued version of the "chicken dance" (she got all the moves right, just didn't shake her booty as enthusiastically as the older kids- hey, I'm raising a lady here..ahaha), she seemed neither nervous nor scared of all the adults enthusiastically clapping and pictures. I was smiling so widely that my jaw ached afterwards.

Despite my fear of public speaking, for some reason I managed to always end up on some stage or another throughout my life.

  • 1985- Sang solo for my school in Jeddah. Can't remember the song but I do remember the gorgeous princess dress that I got to wear. It was so special that I remember my teacher had to lift me on and off the stage for fear of getting it dirty.
  • 1987- Performed dikir barat for Sekolah Kebangsaan Sri Skudai. I don't remember the actual performance, just the endless rehearsals. Plus I have a really cheesy photo of this day.
  • 1990- Played Lucy from Peanuts for Leith Walk Primary school, I think it was a regional theater competition. It was so much fun. Even got to do the crawl across the piano scene with a teeny tiny piano.
  • 1994- Gave a 10 minute speech on "My life in Scotland" in front of the whole school during assembly at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Sultan Ismail on my 1st week of school. I managed to finish the whole speech in less than 3 minutes. The only person who understood my thick Scottish accent was my younger brother who was laughing his head off at me the whole time and made fun of me for weeks after.
  • 1996- Performed in a theater production called IMBAS which was part of a state level competition, where I managed to hit my schoolmate on the head with a ladle (senduk) and nearly alienated most of the conservative students of my high school. MRSM Jasin.
  • 1996- Also made the southern zones finals of both SBP and MRSM debate championships. Didn't win either. Hehe..

After that, I became alot more reluctant to chase the spotlight. It's more comfortable here in the shade...watching my kids having fun...


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