Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Talking out loud

Public speaking makes me nervous. Seriously. My heart rate shoots up, and butterflies and rhinos do the samba in my stomach. My hands become cold and clammy and I have this urgent desire to find the nearest sink to vomit in.

However, with all this nervous energy there is also an adrenaline rush (usually when the presentation is already underway). I am thankful to have been blessed with the gift of gab, it proved to be very useful throughout my years at MRSM Jasin and IIUM.

A few things I have learnt about giving a good presentation, oral exam or interview

1. TRY and keep calm. Worrying too much will just make things worse.

2. Be well prepared on the topic at hand. Or at least have a general idea of the subject matter.

3. Speak clearly. It is best not to give long winded explanations. We often tend to be our own downfall.

4. Be confident but humble. Nobody likes a cocky know-it-all. It's a delicate balance between being well versed and annoyingly condescending.

5. Always begin with Bismillah. InsyaAllah may your words be fluent and and well recieved by your listeners.

Oooh I forgot.. it always help to have some deep frying skills. "Goreng beb, jgn tak goreng"


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