Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Week 1 Ramadhan- Food Highlights

I am not as 'advanced" as many other people who have a specific iftar and sahur menu all planned out for Ramadhan. Mostly at home we have a mixture of home-cooked and Pasar Ramadhan bought meals. If time permits then I will cook a simple main dish and rice, while my father will buy what ever extra lauk that takes his fancy that particular day. He's in charge of the Pasar Ramadhan shopping, and frequently comes back with more than he should (hehe). Sahur is usually whatever is left over plus something quick like fried egg or fish.

There have been a few home-made highlights though:

Iftar- Nasi tomato (source)

Sahur- Nasi lemak (source)
Sahur- Lamb Chop + fries + coleslaw (source)

Worthy of mention is my favourite iftar treat (now almost daily must buy item):

Otak-otak Gombak (pic is otak-otak Kempas hehe- source)

That's all for the weekly food update. Stay tuned for more breaking news (hah!)

PS: All pics are credited to their sources (I rarely snap pics of food at home, too busy eating!)


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