Thursday, August 19, 2010

Emergency arrival- just in time for Raya

Their happy day (almost one year ago)

Yesterday, I recieved a worrying sms from my younger brother in Sarawak. His wife had been warded in the district hospital due to high blood pressure (hypertension in pregnancy is quite common). We were a bit more worried after recieving the second sms around 9 pm when he told us that they were now being transfered to Hospital Kuching. I told him that he should be ready to expect the doctors to deliver the baby straight away because from his description, I believe that his wife had pre-eclampsia which is an abnormal state of pregnancy with high blood pressure, fluid retention (becomes bloated and puffy like) and albuminuria (loss of albumin via urine). This is a dangerous condition if untreated can lead to eclampsia (fitting or seizures during pregnancy).

As expected we recieved another sms at 2.30 am saying that Zila had been sent to the operation theater for an emergency Ceasarian section. We were praying hard for their safety (I had even smsed a few close friends to ask them for their prayers too in this month of Ramadhan). The baby was 35 weeks old, a little premature but hopefully mature enough to survive.

Just in time for our sahur we recieved good news! My 'little' brother officially became a father at 3.02 am 19/8/2010. Zila gave birth to a beautiful baby girl weighing 2.2 kg. My brother's sms:

"I'm sitting next to baby in care unit. 2.2kg, so small but she's doing fine, Zila is resting."

I smiled, his premature baby was the same weight as Yousof and Aishah and they were not even premature. :)

Congratulations to Izzat and Zila, welcome to the wonderful world of parenthood. May your lives forever be filled with love with this new addition to the family. 

Just arrived :)

To my first niece (name still a secret- can't break the news yet), welcome to this world. May you grow up surrounded by love and joy and become a good Muslimah. 


My kids are terribly excited. Hamzah wouldn't even give me back my handphone because he kept wanting to look at the pictures. I wonder when they will get to meet their brand new cousin...hopefully soon.


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