Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Top 5 things I will not do this Ramadhan

Last day! Last day! (I think, depends on the announcement tonight but most likely it is). InsyaAllah tomorrow will be the first day of Ramadhan. I hope that this Ramadhan will be better than all my previous ones.

So this morning, I made a mental list of all the things I will not do this Ramadhan (InsyaAllah).

No 5

I will not use Ramadhan as an excuse to slack off. Work as usual. In fact, work better.

No 4

I will not spend excessively on iftar (breaking of fast) and control myself when frequenting Pasar Ramadhans. Will also try not to eat more than normal regardless of whether I cook or eat outside.

No 3

I will not forget to spend time to do extra good deeds and ibadah.

No 2

I will not rant, rave or complain about other people's horrendous driving skills while stuck in any traffic jams either to or from work.

No 1

I will not start each Ramadhan day by thinking about what I will have for iftar (breaking of fast) for that day!

My goals are not superbly amazing.. hopefully I will be able to stick to them and do much more.

Just to practice, in Ramadhan it is good if we greet other Muslims with this greeting.

I say : "Ramadhan Kareem!" (Ramadhan is generous!)
You reply: "Allahu Akram!" (Allah is the most generous)

Why is Ramadhan generous? Because it is the month of giving, where we are encouraged to give to others who are less fortunate and by fasting we are able to feel a little bit of what they are feeling. The reply, Allah is most generous is because He gives us Ramadhan, a special month where we can strengthen our faith and be closer to Him. Where each simple deed we do is rewarded many times over.

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In conjuction with Ramadhan, Sisterswhoblog will be having a speacial collaborative feature "30 Days, 30 Photos, 30 locations, 30 sisterswhoblog". Come and join us. It would also be a great way to promote your blog internationally.

InsyaAllah I will be posting on 31st August 2010, which is the 21st of Ramadhan and Merdeka day and Aishah's birthday :)

Ramadhan Kareem!


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