Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Delicious "nasi berlauk" at Restoran Haslam

~Nice to have Seri for the day~

Yesterday Seri came to visit us! Yeay! It's been a while since the UKM Wondergirls have filled a car. Since she was the guest, we decided to let her pick where to have lunch. Restoran Haslam (near Tawakkal Hospital).

Haslam never disappoints in terms of choices of dishes, the only setbacks are difficult parking, it's always packed and it is a bit pricey for "nasi berlauk". But we always leave completely satisfied and full. I always have the mushrooms here because they are really good, my favourite is their sweet and sour fish but it wasn't available yesterday.

~My lunch, yummylicious! RM 7.70~

~Maz had the jantung pisang and sardines- I helped myself ..hehe~

~Garden on a plate!~

Except Zil who decided to order Mee Hailam. Unfortunately, it was not amazing because the flavours did not seem to mix well. Sharlina fared better with her Nasi Goreng Kampung. Lesson for the day: if you go to Haslam, stick to the "nasi berlauk".

~Smilin on the outside..hehe~


Hmm.. I wonder why this article (Developmental milestones: I'm on a schedule Ummi!) didn't recieve a good response. You guys bored of me already? Or any suggestions for a more interesting topic for me to write about in MBP?


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