Monday, August 9, 2010

Lamb feast at Castle Restaurant

~The girls love their Barbican (non-alcoholic malt drink)~

There are 3 lamb freaks amongst the UKM Wondergirls, Sharlina, Zil and me! So last week, when it was just the 3 of us left for lunch, we decided to get our lamb fix. Usually, we would go to Al-Rawsha but that day Zil decided to introduce us to Castle Restaurant (also located in Ampang).

Since it was the middle of the day, there were not many customers around. We ordered:

  • Lamb tashreeb
  • Lamb kebab
  • Kabbsa rice

Firstly, if you are expecting efficient service, this is not the place. Everyone has a very laid back attitude and the staff are actually too busy watching Astro to take any notice of you. Plus, they allow people to smoke indoors (there is an air purifier but it doesn't really help). There was a group of guys near us who actually ordered Shisha (or hookah the Arabic water pipe), come on! I mean it was noon!

We were a bit overwhelmed when the food came because both the Tashreeb and kebab came with large Nan bread, a total of 5 in all. We had also ordered a portion of rice (tamak). It seemed like an impossible mission.

The Lamb Tashreeb was a tomato based watery gravy with succulant, juicy , moist lamb. It reminded me a bit of my mom's lamb kuzi except that the gravy was thinner and it was definitely more tomato-ey. Actually, it came with the "banjir" option, where it can also be served with all the gravy and lamb already mixed with the nan bread, but we opted to have it seperately. I prefer to control my own amount of gravy. A very nice dish and perfect for dipping.

~Nice way to have lamb~

~5 pieces of Nan!~

The Lamb Kebab (although not much to look at) was also really good. It was as good as Al-Rawsha's although the Castle didn't grill the onions or have a chilli based sauce like their counterparts. I have always been a big fan of lamb kebab.

~I love lamb kebab!~

The Kabssa rice was okay, it was the spicy Arab rice (I'm not really a big fan). The girls liked it. I prefer that rice if it's stufed in a roasted chicken or stuffed in vegetables (yummy). The Tashreeb was more suited to the bread than the rice (hehe, actually the Kabssa came with it's own set of Kabssa Chicken or Lamb, but we decided only to have the rice).

~Spicy Kabssa rice~

Believe it or not we actually managed to finish everything. Like I said before, us three girls really do love our lamb :)


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