Saturday, August 14, 2010

Tag: I am a Muslim!

I'm not usually a big fan of tags, but I do like doing those which are interesting (syigim manages to find many..hehe) but I am very happy that kak Lina tagged me with this one (Sorry for the delay). I think it's an appropriate on to do this Ramadhan.

1. What is your first do’a or Quran in the morning?

Alhamdulillah. Then try to start the day with Bismillah (although sometimes I rush and forget..uhuhu)

2. What is your last doa or Quran for the night?

Actually, Yousof will lead everybody in reciting the doa before sleep. He reads the doa for everything :)

3. What is your favourite surah in the Quran?

Surah Ar-Rahman because it reminds me to be thankful. During Ramadhan, I like to read Surah Al-Qadr because it is my biggest wish able to experience Lailatul Qadr.

4. What is your favourite Islamic hobby?

I sincerely hope that all my hobbies are Islamic (it really doesn't make sense to categorize your hobbies into Islamic and non-Islamic, right?). My favourite hobbies currently are reading and blogging.

5. What do you live for?

I live each day hoping that Allah will make me a better person than I am right now. I hope that in the course of my life, I will be able to make a difference in somebody elses (most of all my children). To be able to make even just one person become better by knowing me, because Allah gave me so many wonderful and inspirational people too.

6. What is your greatest indulgence that is Halal?

I don't really spend on unnecessary things (not a big shopper), I don't go crazy over designer bags or shoes or make-up or perfume or clothes or jewellery. The only thing that I buy for myself (just for me) are story books and the only thing I indulge in (just for me) in terms of "me"-time is blogging. Oh, I like good food too..hehe.

7. What is your worse fear?

My worst fear is that nothing will change. To wake up each morning with the same routine and go to bed again. Living life like a detached zombie. To have no passions, dreams or aspirations and to settle for monotony and mediocrity.

8. What makes you angry most?

Situations that I can't change.

9. What is your inspiration to be a better Muslim?

It comes from alot of different places and people. Each person I meet,or stumble upon. A mother with a kind word for her daughter, a young man showing courtesy to a stranger, a young child being honest- all these people remind me how beautiful Islam can be.

10. What is your best Islamic habit?

I try my best not to judge. Even if I hear the worst thing about a person, I check myself first. They may have a reason, they may have had a lapse in faith or made a bad decision. Everyone makes mistakes, everybody deserves forgiveness. Only Allah has the right to judge.

11. What can you do to make Muslims better?

I wish that I could remind everyone I know how beautiful and simple Islam really is. That it isn't just a set of rules and regulations. It's the way we live our lives. In everything we do, in every breath we take, if we remember that we are Muslims, InsyaAllah we will be better people.

12. If you had a million dollars what Islamic charity would you give to?

I would ship the money to Palestine.

Tag 5 Muslimahs to do this.


*the first ever tag that had me in tears doing it


Alhamdulilllah, Ajjah announced the results of her giveaway yesterday and I won! Each contestant had to leave a suggestion for Ajjah as to what she could write about in her blog. There were many interesting suggestions given. This was mine:

Write about the stuff you love and you can't go wrong .. whatever makes you.. YOU :)

If good food gets you drooling,
Or travelling's your cup of tea,
Books or movies that get you going,
Then go ahead and tell me,
If shawls & dresses catch your eye,
Or celebrity buzz rings your bell,
You can write anything if you try,
Coz gal, you write so well! ;)

The prize? This really cute headband. I am sure that Aishah will be the one who will be claiming this prize instead of me..hehe. Thank you Ajjah.


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