Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Toad fritters

Scary title huh? Actually, for some reason today I miss having cekodok (scientific name- cucur kodok hence literal translation is toad fritters). They may not look very pretty but they really are mouth wateringly delicious. Perfect for eating with family members over a not so hot cup of tea.


I love cekodok pisang, especially small ones (the giant ones tend to be chewier and less sweet). Used to love helping my mother mush up all the battered and bruised bananas. Such a good way to avoid wastage too, if the bananas are overipe to eat as they are, then just transform them into cekodok.


I like cucur udang too. Although, it's quite hard to find nice ones outside (they are usually too hard and oily). The best cucur udang must be the ones I had when I was in primary school. They used to sell it behind my Sekolah Agama for 20 cents. They would chop it up and put it inside a little clear pastic bag and just pour all that delicious sambal inside until it was completely soaked. I couldn't even eat it with my hands but had to slowly push little bits out of the plastic straight into my mouth. Heavenly.


Probably my favourite cucur in the world is cucur ikan bilis. Although when I was small I used to pick off all the ikan bilis. Then when I was at university, my friend taught us a secret as how to make the cucur fluffy and not heavy. Because to me, cucur ikan bilis is at its most delicious if it is fluffy with little air pockets inside and slightly crunchy on the outside. The secret is to prepare the batter in the morning , then leave it inside the fridge and fry them in the evening. I love cucur ikan bilis so much that I can have it as a meal by itself and can even finish a whole plate when its cold. Crazy huh?

What's your favourite cucur? Hmm.. I suddenly feel like making cucur for iftar today.. I wonder why? Hehe..

||Book Club||

Just uploaded 3 new books: The Compass by Tammy Kling, The Pact by Jodi Picoult and Swimsuit by James Patterson. Want to borrow these and more? Visit Hidayah's Book Club.

The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown has safely reached Aini and I will be mailing The Time Traveller's Wife to Zakiah today InsyaAllah.


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