Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ramadhan Kareem! Allahu Akram.

Ramadhan Kareem! to all Muslims. (not sure how to respond? click here)

Today is the first day of Ramadhan and hopefully the first day for each of us to make a change in our lives. Who knows, the little things we pay more attention to during this month may in fact become a part of us even after the month is over.

~Ramadhan Kareem! from Yousof Ameen~

Yousof is really excited about Ramadhan as we have been telling him about it lately (and so have his wonderful teachers at IIUM Educare). Although he is not yet 5 years old, he insists on fasting. This morning he woke up and refused to have breakfast. I reasoned with him to have some food because even adults will take sahur before fasting. So today Yousof had his normal bowl of oatmeal for sahur at 7.15 am. I told him that he can fast in the morning at school until noon but he should have his lunch as normal. Since he is very young, I explained that he should start with a half-day first.

In actual fact, nothing has really changed in his daily routine because he will still have breakfast at home and lunch at school. But by telling him about sahur and fasting for that half a day, I wish to give him a chance to feel like he is taking part in Ramadhan. InsyaAllah, I will ask the kids to join me for tarawikh at home. Maybe when they don't have school the next day, Yousof can follow his Tokki to the mosque.

~May they grow up to be better than me~

Each parent has a different approach to teaching their child about fasting and solat. For me, I prefer to allow them to feel the wonder of it first. I find that it is much better when my kids are interested in things rather than me simply handing out orders to them. They are still very young and I am hopeful that their love for doing ibadah and good deeds can be nurtured according to their development. InsyaAllah.


In conjuction with this beautiful month, please read this article by eyriqazz and give accordingly.


Alhamdulillah, the first day of Ramadhan is also the first day for Buffered Earning No5 (Digi Octopus Anniversary). Thank you to Nuffnang and to all readers of this blog.


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