Thursday, August 5, 2010

Kaboom! My tyre exploded!

Yesterday while driving to work I suddenly heard a strange sound "gedebuk gedebuk gedebuk". My front tyre was seriously flat and I was on a long stretch of open highway. Left with no other option than stopping by the side of the road in the middle of rush hour, I pulled into the only building within a few km radius. It was a school. When I got out I was shocked to see what my tyre looked like.

~This is what my tyre looked like except for the snow lah!~

~I do not know how to change a tyre by myself~

Thankfully the security guard offered to call the school janitor who was a whiz at changing tyres. Alhamdulillah, there are still people who are willing to help total strangers.

~Ok, it wasn't this particular janitor~

Today, I spent the whole morning trying to find somewhere to replace my tyre. The trouble with having a sports edition imported MPV is, spare parts are not easily found or anywhere near cheap.

Yokohama 205 55 17V DB E470 = RM 2200 One tyre!
(Only available at their service centre)

or choose a Continental tyre 205 55 17V = RM 930 One tyre!

After a long discussion with a good friend who knows alot about tyres, finally settled on 2 Yokohama 215 50 17V tyres (put the 2 new tyres at the back and one of the old ones to replace the tyreat the front) for RM 760 (a little bit wider than my original tyres).

Hopefully, everything will be ok. At least I learnt a few things from this harrowing ordeal. Most importantly, where my spare tyre is! Next on my to do list...must learn how to change a tyre.

*all pics Googled since I was too distraught to take pictures


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