Friday, April 30, 2010

Crispy Pizza & Krispy Kreme

Warrrgggh! I've been restless the whole day. For some reason I really felt like going somewhere. Anywhere! Plan A was to catch Iron man 2 but that one bombed (actually, we couldn't muster enough excitement to go- maybe next week when Aida gets back- IMAX here we come!).

Mushroom soup- Look! Real mushrooms

Plan B was to just go to Berjaya Times Square so I (more specifically my tummy) could be reunited with that delicious tuna pizza. After minimal haggling (usually takes forever to decide where to go for lunch), everyone agreed to follow my plan. Yes!

Our lunch- Yummy!

It's at Level 10 Berjaya Times Square. The Italian stall at the food court. Today I was determined not to be distracted by the mouthwatering pictures of pasta selections and just zoom in on the pizza. We ordered 2 'small' pizzas- 1 tuna and 1 beef pepperoni. Added on a side dish of mushroom soup. It was as delicious as I remembered. Everyone managed to finish 4 slices each with no great effort. The mushroom soup was nice too (although a bit salty) and had real mushrooms.

Looks really delicious right?


  1. The crust is thin and perfect.
  2. There is an abundance of toppings.
  3. Small is actually quite large.
  4. For RM 13+ it really is quite cheap.
  5. It is just DELICIOUS (especially the tuna- and I'm not even a big tuna fan).

Next time we're buying 3 pizzas. Actually both Seri and I agreed, we could probably finish off one pizza all by ourselves. Rating: 4.9/5 (for the pizza!)


We stopped of at Krispy Kreme on the way back since none of us had ever tasted it before. This was the first time we had been to BTS and not been overly stuffed after lunch so it was a good time as any to stop by. The selection was not as abundant as Big Apple but I only wanted to try the original glazed anyway since a little birdie told me that it was the best one anyway.

The doughnut was quite good actually but I can't really say if I like it better than Big Apple or not, am still on the fence. Hmmm.. maybe more tests are needed? ahaha..


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