Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I wouldn't know a "good" handbag if it came and bit me in the .. emm... hand. The one I usually drag around with me everywhere I go was actually a gift from my mother, she bought it on one of her trips to Sarawak (I think, they travel so often I forget). Anyway, it's a cute little thing, probably not much to look at but it served me well. Lately, it had become a bit worse for wear (even after reconstructive surgery - somehow the kids managed to snap the strap). Poor thing, having to hold in so many things in its petite body.

Things normally to be found in my handbag:

  1. Car keys
  2. House/office keys (note that the number of keychains surpass the number of keys)
  3. 2 Matric cards (one UKM student card and one IIUM staff card)
  4. Driving liscense
  5. Tissue (always depleted because other people always ask me for tissues *HINT*)
  6. Purse (always low on cash ..hehe)
  7. Small notebook and pen (you never know when it can come in handy)
  8. Compact powder, lipgloss and purse concentrate (I am a girl after all)
  9. Lense cloth/wipe (I can't seem to remember what those things are called- but it's used to wipe my glasses)
  10. My current read (always carry a book in my handbag- bookworm)
  11. Some strange things that shouldn't be there ; like Yousof's baju melayu buttons
No wonder, my old handbag was suffering. So in the end I decided the time for change had finally arrived. With the help of my trusted impromptu fashion consultant (hehe..) Zil, we managed to choose a suitable handbag for me. Actually my roomie Aida fell in love with it first (and she has good taste). Since I wouldn't know the difference between a Louis Vuitton, Coach, Gucci, Prada and Petaling Street or Chow Kit road knock-off, I decided to follow the gut instincts of those more well versed than I in such matters.

Still smells new :)

Personally I think it just looks nice. Don't you?


fiziskandarz said...

hey hey hey CEd! i'm totally and utterly dengki i couldnt make to kareemah's wedding huwaaa huwaa.. only 3 pictures from ur blog? [ we want more! ]. and agreed with ur rating for the other boleyn girl. i read the book before watching the movie, and i felt very dissapointed when Anne should isn't as cut-throat-b***h as describe in the novel sigh..

also, the shadow of the wind is actually our perchentaan book [ fizee-san borrowed me when we just started dating, and i like it! well, it's an international bestseller ] :) let us know ur review once u're done with it will ya!

[ huhu comment panjang ] :P

Hidayah Ismawi said...

ahaha.. tu lah pasal.. comment semua sekali gus yer.. bagus2 senang takyah click bnyk2.. abt kareemah's wedding tu.. I mmg tak cukup tgn nak amek gambar hari tu..

am still reading The shadow of the wind.. sibuk sgt tak sempat nak baca betul2.. but am enjoying it so far.. novel perchentaan korang rupanya ..ahaha

still haven't gotten round to seeing The other Boleyn girl movie.. arrgggh! takde masa takde masa..

syura said...

hehe. i own the very same lip balm! ;)

Hidayah Ismawi said...

Great minds..eh..lips.. think alike..hehe

Deviki @ Viki said...

owh wow your handbag stuff is almost as same as mine LOL although i don't carry a handbag slingbag is my thing :)
I have compact powder, lip balm, a story book, office keys, all kind of cards, handky, purse, notebook, mp3, forgotten chocolate wrappers, glasses wipes, key chain:)

Hidayah Ismawi said...

while I was rummaging through my old handbag, I found 2 USBs that I had forgotten to transfer.. plus.. I didn't take a pic of all the crumpled receipts, and odd bits of paper .. and basic trash .. hehe..


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