Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bring on the briyani!

Chicken briyani - Ready set go!

Briyani Ayam masak merah - Requires full concentration...

Soto- Really nice! Will definitely order this next time

My lamb briyani?

We went all the way to Bangi for lunch today since we had to go to UKM Bangi anyway. My diet flew out the window when the little yellow car (zil's) parked in front of Restoran Anje. Beryani!

Ignoring the feeble protests from my health-conscious cells, I enthusiastically ate my lunch of Lamb Briyani. Not bad! Of course, for me briyani can only fall into 2 categories, good or bad (except for the Lamb mendy at al-rawsha which is awesome). The girl's also had the chicken and chili chicken briyani, which was fair. Zil had soto which was very good, will definitely give my fat cells half a chance next time by ordering that.

All in all the food and drinks were quite good. The ambience was, as expected from any Briyani place, loud (really loud, I could barely think let alone carry a decent conversation).

Rating: 3/5


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