Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Priceless love

She doesn't look too happy does she? Hehe

Last Sunday, I went to visit cute little baby Amna Syamimi. The second daughter of one of my dearest friends, Keen. Since I was unfamiliar with Meru (where she lived), I went in convoy with my ex-roomie (back in Jasin) and good friend Reen. We ended up getting quite lost as it seems that every right turn led to Taman Saujana Meru, took us 3 right turns and 2 U-turns before we found the house.

Keen's husband had prepared a spread of delicious 'pisang goreng' and 'keropok lekor' with ice cool sirap. YUMMY. Almost cleaned of the whole plate and jug but was a bit shy as her aunt was also there visiting.

Little baby Amna was so well-behaved just lying there minding her own business without a care in the world. Big sister Afni was still adjusting to the new person in her life. Both mother and baby looked well.

So, on this happy occasion, I would like to congratulate Keen, Azri (her hubby) and Afni (big sis). May their lives be full of joy and love with the addition of Amna.

Sweet baby

And to baby Amna.. Auntie Hidayah wishes you:

  • will grow up to be a beautiful, smart, kind and caring person like your mother.
  • never have to worry about being anybody other than yourself.
  • always live your life surrounded by people you love and love you unconditionally

Sweet innocence of an untouched soul
Cherish all the beauty that you hold
Unblemished yet by life unknown
Reap later what you have sown
Hold her close and never fear
Love her and keep her near
Do teach her well and true
Give her the best of you
A baby to love and hold
Is sweet precious gold


Zakiah Ponrahono said...

bilalah nak ada baby ni.... :(

Hidayah Ismawi said...

sabar ...sabar ... cari bapak baby dulu..

myoneandonly ME said...

saya sgt terharu...huhuhu..
thank u aunty hidayah..thanx for this post, thanks for the gift..nih yg x sabar nk hbis pantang nnt leh kuar nih..gi jln2 cr makan..haha..

Hidayah Ismawi said...

ahaha.. jom2 ... nanti ko baca post yg seterusnya..confirm lagi jeles.. remember to YM me to get the REAL story... yg dipos nanti adalah the edited version ;)


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