Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Hale of a late lunch

Since all of us had a heavy breakfast, we decided to have a late lunch at one our nearby haunts. Hale's Kitchen. It's been a while since we've gone as a group (previous trips have always been in smaller numbers but strangely has always included me).

Since we were famished, everyone insisted to redeem the daily promotion prize immideately after ordering (lucky I had peeked at the Hale's Kitchen Facebook page to learn the password). "Chicken parmigiana!" Magically, 2 bread and butter puddings and a large scoop of vanilla ice-cream appeared (one present for every RM 30 spent..hehe).

Here's what everyone ordered.

Sharlina: Grilled Coriander chicken

Her comments: "Local flavours, the chicken was nice and moist, too little rice and soup was a bit bland. The coleslaw was good. 3.5/5". Had a nibble of her chicken.. not bad. But we spent the rest of the outing trying to remember what coriander was in Malay.

Zil: Creamy seafood marinara

Her comments: "Delicious sauce. Wish the seafood was fresher. Adequate portions. 4/5" Since her pasta was the first to arrive, it was the one that got 'pau'ed the most.. hehe. Definitely nice sauce.

Maz: Oriental chicken chop (Changed to black pepper sauce)

Her comments: "Quite good but lacked a wow factor 3.5/5". Didn't pau her chicken since am not a big fan of black pepper sauce.

Hidayah: Seafood fried rice and potato wedges

Her comments: "The fried rice wasn't bad, and the sambal belacan was quite hot. 3/5 . Really nice wedges. Yummy. 4/5" Yup, had a wee taste of her fried rice, better than I expected. The wedges were really nice with the special dipping sauce.

Me: Chicken parmigiana

I thought it was nice. Although I must have been ravenous because I managed to finish everything without feeling stuffed. 3.5/5 But I still think their best poultry dish is their Chicken Cordon Bleu.

The staff were friendly and courteous. We spent the time waiting for our food by reading some magazines thoughtfully provided. At least now everybody knows "30 reasons why it's okay to be an old maid" ..hehe.

All in all a nice lunch. Rating (average of all scores): 3.6/5


hakimin said...

You foodies should try Pizza San Francisco in Bandar Baru Bangi.

Great selection of western dishes.

Great nachos, beef steak, and Cajun style spaghetti.

I taubat tak mau pegi Hales Kitchen dah. Banjir tabasco sauce on Mexican Chicken.

Hidayah Ismawi said...

ahaha... "foodies".. not quite.. more like "very hungry people on a budget" ...who knows maybe we will stop by one day (ada sesiapa offer nak belanja tak? *HINT*)

Hales is ok for a quick western fix (so conveniently close..muahaha)


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