Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Where more than the grass seemed greener

We're off to Putrajaya ! (Yousof took the photo)

Last Saturday was my ex-classmates wedding in Putrajaya. I haven't seen Kareeemah in over 13 years (just drooling enviously over her UK FB photos every so often).

With all my little crew all decked out in green we set off with my good friend Aini and her kids.

The event was grand, since Kareemah and her younger sister were both getting married on the same day. From the back of the hall, I couldn't really make out which one was she was. Not really surprising since the majority of us look like strangers on the biggest day on our lives, how ironic. As I managed to make my way closer to the stage I saw that she hadn't really changed at all, just looked extra stunning in her wedding dress (so the initial confusion was due to my refractory issues..hehe).

The food was scrumptious (I LOVE kenduri fare), and everywhere we looked there were foreign dignitaries in full traditional costume, mostly in gorgeous green from Nigeria. Seems like my little tykes blended right in with the theme. I was still a bit hazy as to the reason but my educated guess would be that Kareemah's dearly beloved was descended of mixed parentage, one of which was Nigerian royalty (close? off the mark? hehe).

Some of the Jasin 'girls' and their kids swarming the couple

It was also great to see my other ex-schoolmates who also came. Aini, Sharida, Zoe, Nadd, Ayu, Rose, Yati, Ina, Alin.. am convinced that I have left many out of this list. Sorry bright lights and delicious food always tends to cloud my memory..hehe

Ain't love grand?

Anyway, to Kareemah and Yusuf, the beautiful couple, I wish all the joy and love in this world.


Ummu Auni Afif said...

sorry la, aku bawa korang jalan jauh benar. next timr naik MEX cepat lagi.

Hidayah Ismawi said...

hehe.. sajer jln jauh .. makan angin..

Kareemah said...

it was grrreat seeing all of yous too!! best gile okeh! hehee yep yep yusuf is half nigerian half russian, colourful lah sikit kaaan...

Hidayah Ismawi said...

dah agak dah ..hehe.. you looked beautiful kareemah.. just wished could have talked with you.. tapi biasalah .. wedding day sure tak sempat ... hehe


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