Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The apple really does fall near the tree

Finally! I managed to solve the mystery of the brown locks of hair under my dressing table (sounds like a bad Nancy Drew title). Whilst trying to tame Aishah's curly locks into a pony tail I noticed that a substantial amount of it was missing. Horror of horrors! She already has a sparse head of hair as it is. Thankfully, with some creative styling the bald patch can be covered up.

Aaaargh! (The bald patch didn't bother her at all)

This is definitely just history repeating itself. When I was 4 years old and my brother was 3, our nanny (actually my cousin) had a really bad toothache and sent us to play quietly in our room. We obliged. When my parents came back from work, they found my brother with multiple bald patches (I was pretty handy with the scissors so I managed to cut almost to his scalp) and my waist length hair more layered (thankfully Izzat was younger and less skilled). I escaped almost unscathed, my hair now made a decent bob cut. My brother was less fortunate. All the kings men and all the kings horses couldn't put his hair back together again..hehe. So he ended up totally bald.

My personal barber

And so as I watched Hamzah getting his first hair cut, with Aishah and Yousof looking on, I can only smile.


Zakiah Ponrahono said...

heeeee geramnya dengan baby2 ni.... nak kiss satu2!

Hidayah Ismawi said...

hehe.. jom2 jemput jer.. diaorg to mmg suka cium2 org.. sengih jer kalau sesiapa cium


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