Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hooray! The New You Giveaway Prizes

Yeay! The New You Giveaway prizes safely arrived. My entry managed to get 4th Place. What did I win?

Nabila House PFA Perfume & Voucher worth RM25
Honey's Quilling Accessories worth RM 15

To be honest, when Hanz e-mailed me, I wasn't sure what exactly I would be recieving. Little ol' me thought that quilling accessories would be some kind of kit to make accessories..hehe. Me and my non-artistic fingers would totally make a hash of it. However, I was totally wrong! What I got were these:

Sweet gift cards, can't wait to use them
Cute little fridge magnets :)
Cool earrings!
Doesn't Zil look amazing with them? ( dress too)

So cute huh? I love talented people. If you guys are interested go to Honey's Quilling and check them out.

The other prizes were:

Perfume and gift voucher from NabilaHouse

I love perfumes and purse concentrates although I don't really wear them often, but as my girly side still loves them. The perfume I won was called Still (inspired by Jennifer Lopez). It has a nice fresh smell that is not too overpowering. I cannot wait to spend my gift voucher at NabilaHouse but there are so many perfumes and products to choose from. Any recommendations? I prefer soft, sweet smelling scents (current favourite is Dior Addict).

Thank you to Hanz for the amazing giveaway and to Honey's Quilling, NabilaHouse and all the other sponsors :)


I have also joined this great contest by Eyriqazz called My Raya Moments Contest. Check out my entry here. Come and join too, there are amazing prizes up for grabs.


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