Tuesday, September 7, 2010

How I know Raya is near

  1. It's 9.30am and I'm the only one at my desk.
  2. I left the house at 8.30am and managed to get to the office before 9.00am (Gombak-Chow Kit).
  3. The corridors are lined with small, flickering, colourful lights (and it's still daytime).
  4. The notice boards are full of Kad Selamat Hari Raya from drug companies, suppliers and sales representatives (no "real" people send out Hari Raya cards anymore). 
  5. Every radio station I switch on is playing a Raya song.
  6. I have no mood to do anything! (Oh wait, that's not just near Raya time..hehe).

Last day at the office, tomorrow I will "officially" start my Hari Raya holiday. I say officially because I've been crusing on holiday gear for a while now.  So I want to take this opportunity to thank all visitors, readers and followers of this blog your support. I apologize if any of my posts or comments have offended anybody. May these last few days of Ramadhan be spent in the best possible way.

Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir dan Batin

I am a big fan of the oldies Raya songs (Anuar Zain & Elina, M.Nasir, etc), for some reason I have always liked this song too. (yes, I have strange taste in music..hehe)


With everybody busy doing last minute Hari Raya shopping, I also did mine. Went out and replenished my reading list at The Big Bookshop at The Mall. There are alot of books there and the prices are almost comparable to my favourite low price book shop BookXcess. But you have to be a great 'treasure hunter' because there are not many books from "familiar" authors. Good for trying out 'new' ones though. Here's what I bought (all under RM 20 each except for one which was under RM 30). Will add them to Hidayah's Book Club as soon as I have read and reviewed them ;)


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