Monday, September 27, 2010

Smashin' Ayam Penyet at Wangsa Walk

Waiting for chicken!

It's true! I must be one of the very few people who still has not tasted Ayam Penyet (translated on the menu as smashed chicken..hmm). It's just that I had a bad experience with Indonesian food once so I was less than enthusiastic to try again. However, my curiosity got the better of me, so we decided to stop off for lunch at Ayam Penyet @ Wangsa Walk.

Look here!

We ordered 2 sets of Ayam Penyet, Sup ekor and Ikan Assam Pedas.

Love the chicken..but not the other stuff

First of all the ayam is not "penyet" at all. It's just fried chicken. I loved the flavour. A little hint of spice but not overpowering and fried just right. Wish we had ordered more. The accompanying sambal was very hot and a bit sour but complimented the chicken very well.

Water with meat

Initially we had ordered the sup ekor and ikan assam pedas because we noted that the ayam penyet set did not come with any gravy. Eating dry rice isn't something that we enjoy so that was why we ordered the extras. BAD BAD BAD choice. The sup ekor was just a watery tasteless soup with little portions and the fish was a bland but overpoweringly hot gravy with very tough and totally unfresh peice of 'togkol' fish (or was it 'tenggiri' it so tough I couldn't even tell the difference).

The drinks look nice.. pity they weren't

Since the food was hot, you would think that the drinks would be refreshing and soothing to our palates. Unfortunately, they were not. My watermelon snow juice tasted strangely of honeydew essence and was so diabetic inducingly sweet that despite my tongue being on fire I could not force in more than 2 sips. I drank an astonishingly expensive (RM 0.70) glass of sky juice instead. The girls' drinks were not really any better with the milo ais being the only decent one. 

All in all, the Ayam Penyet itself was good but everything else was not. Next time, I'm just going to order the chicken and drink plain water.


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