Friday, September 24, 2010

Accidentally Cheap Potato at Kenny Rogers

Another book reader- yeay!

Know how each place has it's own signature dish? Kenny Rogers is probably most famous for it's roasted chicken. As usual most of us decided to play it safe by ordering our normal quarter meal with side dishes. But Maz decided to be a little adventurous.

We were't confident enough to try the new Balinese Chicken

She chose a Baked Potato meal (Beef Bolognase) with came with the standard 3 side dishes + 1 muffin option. For some reason she decided to load her plate with carbohydrates that day (rice, pasta and potato). Unfortunately, the combination of a baked potato with what is basically a spaghetti sauce was not really a mouth-watering one. The topping was average and overall the meal did not really work.

Carbohydrate overload!

The Baked potato meal cost RM 15.90 (same as the Quarter meal). Why "cheap"? Because although there were four of us, we only paid for 2 meals. The cashier mistakenly rang up the bill (we noticed 2 days later when splitting the reciept). An honest mistake. Still torn whether to go back and pay? Let's take a vote. What do you think?



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