Friday, September 17, 2010

Antara Steamboat Restaurant

Yeay! UKM Wondergirls Raya reunion!

UKM Wondergirls Reunion..hehe

Since Cik Ton (aka the other Hidayah) was back from Sabah, we decided to get together. So a Stream load of girls + Amer (Aida's "little" brother) set off to Puncak Alam, Aida's rental house. Her new life as a lecturer at UiTM sounds really interesting and hectic. Can't wait to start mine.

Our mission was to find some good dimsum. Seriously. Cik Ton was craving for them since it seems she couldn't find any all the way in Sabah (though I doubt she had time to look). So Aida took us all the way to Jusco Setia Alam to a little restaurant called Antara Steamboat Restaurant. 

No Kuey Teow over there?

We ordered the 3 dimsum sets (RM 19.90 per set) and just in case it was not enough, everybody ordered an individual meal too. I had the Claypot Seafood Tom Yam. Sounds grand and delicious huh? It was not. First of all, it was quite tasteless (just hot), and secondly I doubt that 2 prawns, 2 crabsticks and 2 fishball can be considered as a Seafood dish. There were no vegetables or any other stuff in the Tom Yam soup (so I have a huge suspicion that it was one of those instant pastes).

Disappointing Tom Yam

The dimsum was okay (I guess I'm not really a big fan- or I have still to find some awesome ones). There was a good variety and I was told that the price was very reasonable. The dimsum came with 2 sauces for dipping,  a chilli sauce and a salty Yong Tau Foo like sauce. In the end I just felt very "fishy" and had to stop over for a peanut butter and jelly waffle. Hehe.

Dimsum was okay

But it was great to get together with all the girls again. Missed having everyone together. 

The 2 Hidayahs


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Successfully mailed another book-  "The Truth about Melody Browne by Lisa Jewell" to Ajjah. Added "Shall we tell the President by Jeffrey Archer" to the library. Wanna borrow these and more? Just go to Hidayah's Book Club.


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