Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Less salt please || Vivo Pizza & Panini

Salmon steak
Since we had to go to Low Yatt to buy our printer toner last week, we decided to have lunch in Berjaya Times Square first. Hungry and decidedly in no mood to experiment, we headed straight for Vivo.

Our menu included:

  • Salmon steak with garlic butter and fries
  • Seafood pasta
  • Spaghetti bolognaise
  • Oriental baked rice
  • Meatball panini

First and foremost, I love salmon. Unfortunately salmon steaks are usually expensive, so I don't get to eat it very often. I only order if the price seems reasonable. So I was disappointed to find that my salmon that day, although nice in texture (crispy skin etc) was far too salty. When the manager was kind enough to enquire how we found our meal, I pointed this out to him. I guess he was a bit surprised that we didn't just say everything was lovely. He explained that the salmon are imported from Scandanavia and they will pack it with salt to keep it fresh. Though this seems reasonable, I think there should be a way to remove this saltiness, because it is really a shame since it should have been a very good dish.

Oriental baked rice

Spaghetti bolognaise

The other dishes were okay, although their fried meatballs are not as meaty as we would have liked (more breadcrumbs than meat?), filled with an unidentified herb. Though this may be their signature meatball and so is really up to individual taste preferences. 
Meatball panini (which we tapau'ed and had for breakfast the next day)
Seafood pasta

The best thing about Vivo was that it proudly displayed it's HALAL sign very prominently at the counter in front of the restaurant. We have been to some restaurants in BTS where the staff claimed that their HALAL certificate was in the kitchen and she's not allowed to bring it outside. Really?


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