Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dim sum and more || De Templer Restaurant (Chinese Muslim Cuisine)

Zil with the cute little rice 'pot' and gorgeous longan drink
Always excited to try out new places, a few weeks ago the girls and I chanced upon a chinese muslim restaurant next to the MRR2 (Taman Melati- near Satay Kajang and that huge fire station). Everything on the menu sounded delicious so we ended up ordering far more than we should (there were just 3 of us!):

  • Crispy Glass Fried chicken 
  • Chicken in Pattaya sauce
  • Beef in Pattaya sauce
  • Dim sum : Bean curd skin, prawn siew mai, deep fried wanton, another siew mai (can't remember)
  • Red bean pau
Crispy Glass Fried Chicken
Chicken with Pattaya sauce
Dim sum
Zil with the overflowing red bean pau

The food was really nice. My glass chicken was just the way I love to eat sweet and sour chicken, nice easy bite-sized coated in crispy coating. Previously the only time I heard the word Pattaya was when ordering Nasi Goreng Pattaya. The girl's Pattaya dishes were flavourful too, sweet & sour with a touch of black pepper infused. I loved the shredded cucumber "acar" on top. The portions looked deceptively small but were actually more than enough. By the time we finished with the rice dishes it took great effort to eat the dim sum. The sauce was sadly not as nice as it should have been, (probably too much vinegar?) but the dim sum itself was nice with big portions. The red bean pau were cute little things but absolutely filled with gorgeous red bean "paste?", more than normally found in any other pau.  

Happy and full

Can't wait to go back one day and try some of the "BIG" dishes like the steamed siakap .... drooling.


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