Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Steamy Lunch || Cheng Ho Restaurant @ Wangsa Maju

Last week we went to Wangsa Maju for lunch again. This time instead of hitting our usual places like AU2/Alpha Angle/Wangsa Walk, we decided to try out one of the many restaurants in the vicinity of Wangsa Walk. Finding somewhere to park was a problem though, so we ended up parking at Wangsa Walk but walking outside.

Since I had missed an iftar dinner at Cheng Ho the year before, I was curious to try it out. We were the only customers there at first. They open for lunch but only 12pm-2.30pm and re-open for dinner at 6pm.

We ordered the set meal for 1-3 persons at RM 69.90, which allowed us to choose 4 dishes from several categories. The choices were quite varied as they had a soup/tom yam category, vegetable dishes, egg dishes, meat dishes, seafood dishes and dessert dishes. We opted for:
  • Seafood Tom Yam
  • Kang Kong (yes that is how they spelled it) Belacan
  • Sweet and Sour Chicken
  • Steamed Siakap with Soya Sauce
  • Free flow chinese tea

The portions were more than adequate for 3 people. The Tom Yam was the right combination of sweet and sour. The Kang Kong (I will forever be spelling it like this now) smelled mouth-watering (if you like belacan) and tasted great (and I'm not a big veggie fan). The Sweet and sour chicken was also nice, with crispy bite-sized chicken just the way I like them. But the steamed siakap was the star of the meal. It just felt so luxuious to share a big fish between the three of us, on an ordinary day for an ordinary lunch. I love siakap, and I love it steamed too. I guess, overall the food was nice, maybe not spectacular, but still nice. As usual we polished off every morsel. 


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