Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Waaaah! Cake || Happy Belated Birthday Hamzah

My youngest son Hamzah turned 2 years old on Sunday but we had the cake on Monday. As usual I am amazed at how excited kids become when they see a birthday cake. Hamzah's favourite tagline is "Waaaah! Cake"

"sad faces" coz everybody wants that little cartoon figure

Hamzah is the sweetest 2 year old on the planet (I am biased of course). He always wakes up with a cheerful smile. He loves helping out, eventhough sometimes his 'help' is a bit unconventional. Hamzah has an amazing sense of humour and even at a young age is able to make us laugh with his impressions and 'jokes'. Although he still can't articulate very well, his low voice and mispronounced words is a constant source of joy. His siblings love him dearly and so do all of us. 


I love you


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