Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Happy Belated April Fool's Birthday

Luckily both my parents were born on unforgettable dates, my dad on New Year's day and my mom on April Fool's day. Makes it so much easier for my brother and I to remember. Although, as I mentioned before, birthdays are not really a big occasion at our house. Nowadays, it's more to humour the kids.

Since they were away on Friday, we decided to celebrate yesterday. As usual, each one had his own role to play in the impromptu birthday celebration. Aishah quickly decided that it was her birthday too therefore all songs should henceforth be dedicated to her as well. Hamzah initiated his usual mantra of "Oooooo..caaaaake!" and Yousof was nominated official cake slicer. 
Always impressed by cakes

It was a small gesture but in it's simplicity lies the an infinite reservoir of love and respect for a very special woman. My mother, also known as "Tok Wan", whose sacrifices I will never be able repay. I know I never say it often enough but "Mak, I love you, and thank you for everything."

Birthday girl and self-proclaimed birthday girl


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