Monday, March 14, 2011

My Oasis || La Bodega at The Pavillion KL

There are some friends we can never forget. The ones that are tied to our hearts as surely as we are tied to them. So even decades on in our lives we are as comfortable among them as we were back when we the first foundations of friendships were forged. I am blessed to have my fair share of such friends. Even as we go about our daily lives, we know that though apart, there are people out there who care.

Last Friday, was the pseudo-monthly meet up with my ex-roomies/BFFs from MRSM Jasin. This time the venue chosen was La Bodega at The Pavillion KL chosen by Roszie who was roped in by its drool inducing food reviews online.
Keen and Nadd

We ordered (with alot of help from the waiter) and my basic knowledge of Spanish cuisine (gleaned off Asian Food Channel on Astro):
  • Paella (the name was much longer but I forgot): rice, seafood, chicken, vegetables
  • (Tapas) Gambas al Ajillo: Tiger prawns sizzled with olive oil and garlic
  • (Tapas) Trucha Alsalmonada en Salsa Verde: Seared salmon with salsa verde
  • (Tapas)Pollo al Ajillo: Chicken sauteed in olive oil, garlic and parsley
  • Linguine Alfredo: Pasta with cream, butter, garlic, parsley and Parmesan cheese
Sizzling tiger prawns
Chicken and Salmon

The food was amazing! Every single dish was absolutely delicious. Tapas is the name for a wide variety of Spanish appetizers or snacks. The prawns came in a sizzling little dish of olive oil. Dipping even the oil with bread was heavenly. The salmon was perfectly cooked with a crisp skin and the salsa verde was delightful. Salsa verde (Italian version) is a "green sauce" made with pureed herbs with mustard, white onion, cilantro and lime (the Mexican version had tomatillos instead of herbs). The chicken was also exquisite in a very tasty olive oil and parsley sauce. The Alfredo was so cheesy and creamy, it was a dream to eat. We loved the Paella too (it takes 30 minutes from ordering to cook), the rice was richly infused with tomato and the seafood added a nice flavour.

The only thing was the price! For the portions served, it was quite expensive. Drinks were RM10 ++. Tapas were RM15- RM 20 (bigger portions at RM 30), the Paella was strictly for sharing with RM 30 per serving (minimum 2 servings) and the Alfredo was ~RM 20++. So the whole meal was ~ RM 240. (Thank goodness once a month). 
Keen and I - Ladies in black

The best thing about the lunch was just simply taking a little time off to sit and talk with old friends. We even continued the conversation at JCo Doughnuts afterwards before heading home. Looking forward to the next one girls!


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