Monday, March 26, 2012

I love you, Beth Cooper by Larry Doyle

Basic plot

Dennis Cooverman, valedictorian  and captain of the debate team of Buffalo Grove High School stood up in front of all his classmates and their relatives to give his graduation speech. He said "I love you, Beth Cooper." The only problem is, Beth Cooper has no idea who he is. proclaiming his undying love for the most popular girl in school was not even the weirdest thing to happen to Dennis that day, but safe to say, things went spiraling out of control from that moment on. Proof that even the most well thought out of plans usually turn out better when you say them in your head instead of into a microphone.

What I liked about this book

Who among us have never wished that we had the guts to say that one thing aloud? Or wonder how different things would have been if only we had taken the chance instead of timidly walking the line. Every young person would have applauded Dennis's bravery/stupidity. Being guilty of having a major high school crush on someone totally out of my league myself, I totally understood the main character's motivations and anguish. Yes, we have all wished we said those words out loud one time or another. So that the Beth Cooper's of the world would finally sit up and take notice. The book humorously tackled the social hierarchy of high school and the complexities of a smart yet socially inept teen enamoured by puppy love.

What I disliked about this book

Mostly, everything after the first chapter. After the actual declaration of love, what ensued was an unbelievable joyride of alcohol, teen sex and vulgar behaviour. Probably a perfect recipe for a coming of age movie starring pimpled nerdy but sweet heroes and hot young cheerleaders (I was told the movie was quite funny). The whole book reminded me of Revenge of the Nerds (an old movie about how nerds managed to get all the cool girls in college). For me, the whole book was basically a guide to what is wrong with western teens today. Except the first part, (well done Dennis for saying it aloud) the first part was okay. PS: If one of the character tells you to Google something, don't. Trust me. It will be something you wish you never knew.

A quote I liked from the book

"No regrets for what we wanted to do but did not, what we wanted to say but could not. And so I say here today the one thing I wish I had said, the one thing I know I will regret if I never say. I love you, Beth Cooper."

Feel free to insert any name up there :)

Rating: 2.5/5


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