Friday, March 16, 2012

Day 2: Damai Beach Resort

As the rain steadily drizzled outside, we headed for the next destination on our trip, Damai Beach Resort. Located close to the famous mountain Santubong.
The resort was packed but somehow we managed to score a gorgeous chalet a few steps away from the beach. By around 6 pm the weather cleared and everyone hit the beach. And what a beach it was too. Beautiful, pristine, white sands and an amazing view as far as the eyes can see. The kids had a great time splashing in the waves and building castles in the sand.
Dinner was a seafood feast at a well known seafood haven, kampung Buntal. We went to a small place called Restoran Selera Masam Manis. Not much to look at compared to the other bigger seafood places there. It was however the only Malay owned restaurant. Previously I had tried one of the huge Chinese seafood restaurants and really liked the food, so we were hoping that this place can also live up to expectations.
We had steamed terubuk, sweet & sour siakap, buttered prawns, sotong goring tepung and veggies. The sweet & sour fish was absolutely delicious, the steamed one was also very good. I liked the butter prawn too (though no one makes better butter anything than Hj Shahrin Low). The only disappointment was the squid, instead of being crispy coated, it resembled squid fritters (cucur). The price was relatively cheap too, all that (plus drinks) was less than RM 160.
By the time we got home, everyone was knackered and fell straight into bed.


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