Sunday, March 18, 2012

Day 4: Kampung Gedong

Our last day in Sarawak was spent at my brother's house in Sarawak. Unfortunately there was a water disruption so it was quite an inconvenience considering the fact that there were 4 young kids and 3 suitcases full of sandy clothes. Thankfully my brother had the foresight to keep some water in large basins outside. The kids enjoyed showering outdoors and I managed to rinse most of the sand off our clothes with the minimum amour of water possible.
After breakfast we went to visit all our elderly relatives. My father insists that we do this each time we go back. It is s humbling experience.
Before long, it was time to leave. Goodbye Kampung Gedong ! Goodbye Kuching ! Goodbye Sarawak ! We had a great time. See you soon.

Thanks to my brother and his family for their hospitality. Thank you to my father for arranging (and sponsoring) this amazing holiday.


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