Saturday, March 17, 2012

Day 3: Damai Beach Resort - Kampung Buntal

Our last day by the beach, we woke up to the perfect weather. No rain, no scorching sun. After an awesome buffet breakfast, we hit the sand. The tide was coming in so the waves were quite high. But since we were not there to do any actual swimming, staying just by the water's edge was enough. It was a great experience and everyone had a great time. It was with great reluctance that we said goodbye to Damai Beach Resort.
We stopped off at Kampung Buntal for Friday Prayers and lunch. Lunch was at a quaint little open air restaurant named One Buntal Cafe (next to Serimah Enterprise). The food was simple, unpretentious and quite delicious. Truly kampung style. Their Assam Tenggiri is a must try and the sambal belacan was superb.
We then stopped off at the many roadside stalls to buy salted fish, belacan, terubuk, prawns & Pais. Pais is a local delicacy that looks like otak-otak but is eaten with rice.
Hopefully, one day we'll come back to Damai.


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