Monday, April 2, 2012

Birthdays, gas, water, clowns & more birthdays

It's been a strange and rough weekend but quite a lot of fun too. Last week was Educare's March babies birthday celebration so Hamzah got his special Agent OSO cake. Sadly, I couldn't go because Aishah had an asthma attack. Very scary because it was the first time, really. Previously she has had cough, runny nose etc but usually after being unwell a few days it would clear up. This time, she really had shortness of breath and laboured breathing. I guess, I should have expected it, she has atopy (the triad of eczema, rhitis, asthma - Aishah has eczema) and there is strong family history but as a parent, seeing her first time needing a nebulizer was a very emotional experience for me. Hopefully, she will not get AEBA (acute exacerbation of bronchial asthma - asthma attack) often.

Alhamdulillah by Saturday she was back to her normal active self. So we headed to the IIUM swimming pool. I had registered Yousof and Aishah for swimming lessons by a certified trainer under the IIUM kids of staff program held by the Sports unit. It has been on my "to do" list for so long. I think being able to swim is such a good skill to have especially since the kids are very fond of splashing around in any pool. Rather than merely horsing around in the water, actually being able to swim would be safer and more useful. Plus, I am sure that knowing how to swim would make pool time more fun too.

Since the instructor took only kids aged 7-12, Yousof was the only one who fit the requirement. He was timid at first but as soon as they were in the water, it was obvious that he was having a great time. The IIUM pool is huge. even the shallow end is more than 1 m deep but I was confident because the trainer really watched the kids carefully, personally taking care of each one when in the water. For the first lesson they learned basic things like why they must shower before getting in the pool, how to get in the pool safely, breathing techniques and other stuff. There was an ambulance on standby outside the pool, which I thought was an extremely good safety precaution and many of the other parents there were also doctors. So even a worry wort like me was less worried (I will never not worry). 

Hamzah and Aishah were relegated to the kiddies pool. They were no less thrilled though and had a great time splashing about. InsyaAllah their time will also come.

That night we all went to Taman Teruntum Nite Zoo, since I had been passing all the banners advertising good family fun on Saturday nights. We were sorely disappointed though. I had read that march was the Space Odyssey (a laser and light show) but it seemed that the last week of March was for the Kesenian & Kebudayaan show. What we were "treated" to was a lame "concert" by the Pahang Kebudayaan troop. Seriously, who sings dangdut and Bunkface (?) when it was obvious that the whole audience was made up of families with young children. As soon as the guy started singing we stood up and walked away. In order to not waste the whole trip we walked around the "zoo". It was a few cages with some sad looking animals. We stayed to watch the clown act, which was quite funny but went home before the next singing act took the stage. I think the kids still enjoyed the clowns and looking at the animals but I was severely disappointed.

Yesterday was my mom's birthday. True to tradition (a new one we invented), the kids cut the cake and had the most fun. Hamzah loved the orange sponge cake but the other 2 still prefer chocolate. We didn't do anything grand, just had a home-cooked Western meal at home. Aishah was so pleased to show her Masterchef skills by helping to make coleslaw. 

I truly am grateful to have such a wonderful and supportive mother. Happy (belated) birthday Mak!


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