Thursday, October 27, 2011

October babies, kiwis & discussions

How many kids does it take to make a bed?

It's been a packed and eventful day so far. We started the morning with the kids taking an active role in helping me to keep the house as neat and tidy as possible. Since it is essentially our first day back on our own. Hopefully, we'll be able (read: I will be able) to manage without too much trouble for the time being.

He didn't want Ben 10!

Just before heading off for school, a very special delivery arrived. It was Yousof's moist chocolate cake for the IIUM Educare, October babies birthday celebration. It looked awesome, though sadly I won't be able to taste it since he will only be slicing the cake at school. Thanks to Zaireen from D'Bak Sensations :)

Wait for it...

Educare birthday celebration. Photo from Tengku Nahdatul Azlin's FB.

The kids were all dressed in their New Zealand t-shirts courtesy of TokWan and TokKi's recent trip. Hopefully one day, we'll all get to go there to see the amazing scenery for ourselves. Their holiday photos looked incredible.


Today, I substituted for another lecturer for a Y2 Case Discussion. To be honest, this was my first time conducting one or even participating in one since we never had a slot for Case Discussions when I was in medical school. It was essentially discussing certain important and relevant points based on a given scenario. Today's topic was "Cardivascular response to exercise". A purely physiological discussion. Gulp. Many of the details, I had not read in over 10 years. Thank God for good basics. Though I was even luckier to get a group that was very well prepared. They discussed the topics very well and hardly missed a step even when I asked them to utilize the whiteboard to explain their answers. Basically, they taught themselves with a little nudge from me. If they continue at that level, I have no worries that they will do well in their upcoming End Block Exam.

They said they take pictures with their lecturers after every session. Pulling my leg?? Hehe

The morning was rounded off with a seminar on Birth and postnatal care. I can only imagine what these pre-clinical students felt when watching the birthing videos. Truly, giving birth to another human being is an extraordinary event. Allah in His Wisdom made women strong enough not only to survive childbirth but to then be able to nurture a baby into adulthood. Hopefully, I was able to impart some of my personal experiences (mother of three, hello) to them. It always amazes me how quickly a beautiful, healthy baby can make us forget excruciating pain. Even before they experience firsthand the wonders of having their own children, they will soon be able to take part in this miracle of life when they step foot in the labour room. One of my favourite postings both during medical school and housemanship was O&G. It's a grand feeling to help bring beautiful babies into this world. 

Hopefully the second half of the day will be as productive and stimulating.


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