Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Standard 1 entrance exam- Irsyad

Night before- not nervous at all

Last Sunday, Yousof went to his first ever interview. It was for the Standard 1 entrance exam at Sekolah Agama Irsyad. He was, of course, totally relaxed about it. Since Educare IIUM doesn't have a standardized test system like other kindergartens, he did not really grasp the concept of exams yet.

On the way there- still not nervous

I was nervous. Not because I am adamant about him attending this school, but simply because all tests give me butterflies. As for the school, if he does get accepted, it will be good for him to have solid foundations in Islamic knowledge as well as regular academic pursuits. If he does not get accepted, he can still be his best at a regular government school. Most important is good support and encouragement. 

Finally here- slightly nervous

The school itself looked pretty much like any other regular primary school. To be honest, when I heard it was a private school, I was imagining more of an International School vibe with state of the art facilities. It is not. I guess, Islamic private schools have a tendency to be even more run-down compared to other schools. However, it was not shabby, or a horror story like most would believe. It seemed alot like my old school. 

He was the first student called out for the oral test. From my vantage point outside the classroom, I saw that he was able to answer the teacher's questions, and read the papers he was given. They quizzed him in Malay, English and basic Arabic. The written exam also included Mathematics.

Interview -Nervous!

He was very happy with himself after finishing. So, I am happy for him. Whichever school he goes to, I hope he can be the best and achieve his full potential InsyaAllah.


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